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  PA30   3240


PA30 Applicator Print Engine
The PA30 is a rugged, reliable high-performance applicator print engine designed to increase label placement accuracy. It is easily upgraded to RFID and has an interchangeable printhead for a choice of resolutions.
   Max Print Width: 4.4"
   Max Length: 161" (203dpi)
     109" (300dpi)
   Resolution: 203 or 300 dpi
   Max Print Speed: 12 ips
   Memory: 4MB Flash, 16 MB
   Interfaces:  RS-232
    USB 2.0, internal ethernet 


3240 Label, Ticket & Tag Printer
The 3240 is a good choice when an application calls for printing complex images on very small labels or other unique materials. This high resolution printer produces a consistent, clear image on circuit board labels and test tube labels plus more.
   Max Print Width: 2.5"
   Max Length: unlimited
   Resolution: 406 dpi
   Max Print Speed: 4 ips
   Memory: expansion to
    512k NVRAM optional
   Interfaces:  Serial standard,
    Parallel optional

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