Barcode Label Printers
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The SF51 is a cordless flashlight style scanner with Bluetooth radio communication. Designed to be clipped to the waist, the SF51 is a hands-free scanner.
The SR61b is a cordless, wireless scanner with a high impact housing. It works well up to 100 feet and is great for harsh environments.
The SD61 is a wireless base station that can connect up to 7 scanners. It is easy to set up and provides reliable wireless communication up to 328 ft.



The SR60 is a tethered handheld scanner that scans barcodes up to 36 ft. away.
It is comfortable to hold, lightweight, and can be mounted on a forklift.
The SR61 is designed for use in harsh environments. Multiple scan options such as linear, area, and standard range are available. This scanner can withstand multiple drops.
The SR30 is a light industrial point-of-service scanner which is used within a 2-3 foot distance. The SR30 features laser, area imaging, and linear imaging.

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